National Radio Club, Inc.
Subscribing to E-DXN

This page is for those who are NOT currently subscribers in good standing to the National Radio Club's DX NEWS.

Current DX NEWS subscribers may Register by accepting the Terms of Use.

If you have not read the Terms of Use, please read the FAQ before purchasing your subscription!

After deciding to accept the Terms of Use and purchasing an e-DXN subscription we'll create an e-DXN account and email the details.

Methods of Subscription

By check or money order: $15.00 payable to National Radio Club, Inc. P.O. Box 473251, Aurora, CO 80047-3251. Please write in the memo line of the check, "E-DXN".

By credit card: $15.00 via Pay Pal. Credit card payments can only be taken via Pay Pal. The National Radio Club does not have the ability to accept card payments in any other method. If you do not wish to use Pay Pal, but wish to pay via credit card, contact your bank for a money transfer to the National Radio Club's account. Our account name is

E-DXN Membership 12 months on line access. ($15.00) $15.00

Payment for the subscription must be received before processing of E-DXN registration is considered.