Two unids

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Two unids

Postby Richard M Ray » Fri 9 Sep 2016 22:49


1280 KBIG? 9/7 1957 I realize that only 15 miles from me on 1280 is WBIG but this ID was so clear I listened to it 20 times and the ID was CLEARLY KBIG: male announcer with baseball game. “…Todd Williams (player)…going into the third (inning) no score on AM 1280 KBIG” then fade. I have no idea….

1230 KLWT or KZYM 8/23 2058 Male announcer “…if you own a farm in Missouri, Farm Bureau Insurance is for you.” NOT KWIX (see my post for KWIX 1230). KLWT is 1,000w/1,000w and KZYM is 560w/600w.

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