1710 UNID Again

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Shawn Axelrod
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1710 UNID Again

Postby Shawn Axelrod » Fri 3 Sep 2010 19:41

Well it seems to be back again. On Aug 31 at 0131 EDT I heard oldies again on 1710. I heard True Love and Mr Big stuff. There was 2 possible but very messed up by static ID's. First was:
Radio ?????
Then a possible:
Life Long Radio.

I am open to Ideas

Neil Kazaross
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Re: 1710 UNID Again

Postby Neil Kazaross » Mon 13 Sep 2010 19:31

George Sherman(If I recall correctly, it was him) in MN mentioned hearling oldies QRMing the WNRC beacon test last Saturday. It seems this station is only heard Fri or Sat night and also so far only in MN or MB so perhaps it is a pirate in your area or a part 15 getting out well. I tried for it phasing out WNRC to my east and there was no trace. 73 KAZ Barrington IL

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Walt Fair
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Re: 1710 UNID Again

Postby Walt Fair » Mon 19 Sep 2016 15:28

Shawn, it was nice to meet you in Kansas City, but nothing heard down here in central Texas on 1710.
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