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Fred Vobbe


Postby Fred Vobbe » Sun 13 Jul 2008 13:33

Many members know of WNRC, the little station that seems to show up at the conventions. These are some of the jingles used on the station.

WNRC Jingles - 2004
For personal "home listening" only". (c) Frederick R. Vobbe. Please don't use without prior written permission as content is copyrighted.

KNRC Boise ID DX Recording

Aircheck of KNRC-AM broadcasting from somewhere during the Boise NRC/WTFDA Convention.
Listen for the "History of Rock & Roll", oldies, and Bill Drake's voice. ID is heard.
Recorded 7 Sept @ 02:45AM. Lasts about 7min. 4.56meg. You hear "duck" voice at about 5:05 for "Minnesota Department of Water Safety", and later at 6:10 a Budweiser commercial, followed by a weather forecast (anyone recognize the voice?), and a very clear ID!!

Frequency: 1710. Rcvr: Sony ICF2010 w/preselector. Antenna 1,800 foot BOG e/w. Recording location: Grand Marais, MI.
Heavy interference from unknown station with female folk song at start with what sounds like organ music at start. At 5:30 male voice in an unidentified foreign language. Splatter from 1700 KBGG.
(Nobody has fessed up to being the operator of this mystery station. Anyone know where this came from?)


Did I Hear That?

I'm always amazed at two things in our hobby. First, is the ability of low power to be heard at great distances. Second, is the ability of members to did these signals out of the noise. In the fall of 2004, I conducted a test with one of the editors of the DX Audio Service to see if low power could be detected. The transmitter was 1 watt, into an Isotron antenna, located in Lima OH. The transmission was AM, with a loop of a sweep tone and the slow Morse Code characters "NRC". The word was put out, and what you hear below are the results.

DOWNLOAD - Les Rayburn's catch in Birmingham, AL.

DOWNLOAD - David Crawford's catch in Daytona Beach, FL.

DOWNLOAD - Adam Myrow's catch in Memphis, TN.

DOWNLOAD - Mark Durenberger's catch in Moab, UT.

DOWNLOAD - Doug Smith's catch in Nashville, TN.

DOWNLOAD - Craig Healy's catch in Providence, RI.

DOWNLOAD - John Hunter's catch in Rossville, GA.

DOWNLOAD - This is the actual "NRC" ID with the sweep tone.

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