e-DXN is a subscription site

Open Notices to the General Public from the National Radio Club's Board of Directors.
Paul Swearingen

e-DXN is a subscription site

Postby Paul Swearingen » Wed 28 Dec 2005 21:18

e-DXN forums designated as "Members Only" are now open only to members of the National Radio club who are subscribers in good standing to DX News, DX Audio Service, or e-DXN.

In other words, (1) join the club first, and then you may (2) have FULL access to e-DXN.

A subscription to e-DXN is only $15, and you have access to not only the interactive forums and groups BUT also an MP3 download of DXAS and a .pdf download of DXN for just over half the price of one publication alone.

A subscription to 30 issues of DXN is $28; a subscription to 12 issues of DX Audio Service is also $28, and both are sent to you via USPS mail ... slower than e-DXN, but the choice of the majority of NRC members. NRC members may add a subscription to e-DXN for only $5.00.

The quickest way to pay for any NRC publication, including subscriptions, books, DXAS programs, and reprints, is via PayPal; access www.nrcdxas.org and follow the links to the PayPal payment site. Otherwise, to subscribe to e-DXN you may send a check or money order for $15, made out to "National Radio Club", to National Radio Club - P. O. Box 5711 - Topeka, KS 66605-1427.

Current DXN/DXAS subscribers, of course, will still enjoy full access to this site until their next renewal date when they will need to pay a nominal additional $5 for access.

Please be advised that registration requests which cannot be traced to a known NRC member will be deleted immediately. Kindly use your real name to register, as membership in the NRC is automatic with a subscription to e-DXN, and as volunteers with limited time we are not going to try to play detective if you try to use an anonymous handle instead of a real name.

Finally, forums not designated "members only" are open to anyone as read-only files, but non-members may not post in these forums.

Thanks for visiting and browsing, and come back often.

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