PO Box 5711 to close; volunteer duties transferred

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Paul Swearingen

PO Box 5711 to close; volunteer duties transferred

Postby Paul Swearingen » Thu 12 Jun 2008 14:57

After June 30, P. O. Box 5711 in Topeka will be closed, and any mail sent to it will be forwarded to Wayne Heinen, at least for the first 60 days or so. In fact, any subscription checks from today on will be sent to Wayne, who is now serving as membership manager for NRC. Vol. 75 #28, the June 16 issue, will be mailed out today or tomorrow, with all updates received through June 11 reflected in the mailing list.

As you know, printing and mailout of DXN will now move to Watertown, NY, and I will continue only to edit DXN and two columns in it, IDXA and DDXA. All archives for DXN clear back to the mid-'50's are being transported to Aurora for storage in Wayne's basement (what will I do with all that space now in my attic? hi).

After June 15, Dave White will be your e-mail contact person for any e-DXN on-site problems, and Wayne, <sales@e-dxn.com>, who already handles all PayPal matters, will also take on subscription duties for e-DXN, as I am also turning over those responsibilities to those fine volunteers.

I will continue to monitor the [NRC] listserv and posts on this site as I have in the past. Although I am not retiring entirely as I wanted to, at least I do not have to be tied to one place any more as I have for the past 20 years while I was publishing DX News. FYI although we have received some inquiries about the publishing portion of my (former) duties, no one has actually stepped forward to commit to the duty. If you have desktop publishing experience, especially with Adobe Creative Suite 2 or 3, or even the old Pagemaker, and 30 Saturday afternoons a year free, please contact me or Wayne for more information. Thanks -Paul Swearingen, DXN publisher and now former e-DXN administrator, who would like to retire so he can have more time to DX and fool around with other projects
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Paul Swearingen

Postby Paul Swearingen » Wed 24 Sep 2008 21:53

Just a note to let e-DXN users know that Dave White has resigned as e-DXN administrator, so I've removed his e-mail address from the above post. Feel free to e-mail me @ plsBCBDXER@aol.com if you run into "technical difficulties" on the site or Wayne Heinen if you run into problems with your membership.

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