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e-DXN ... another service of the National Radio Club

"Serving DX'ers since 1933"

Welcome to the National Radio Club's e-DXN online site. The National Radio Club's e-DXN.com was originally a phpBB bulletin board that over time required more maintenance, moderation and expense. We determined, and the membership agreed, that the biggest service they wanted was DX News magazine in a timely fashion without the costs associated with the printed edition. e-DXN.com is now a direct mailer to our subscribers. All subscribers will receive twenty issues of DX News in Adobe pdf file format as attachments as well as the AM Switch weekly updates. The National Radio Club will be posting directly to the mailer and the subscribers will not need to log in or download any documents. e-DXN.com subscribers are full members of the National Radio Club and USA members receive discounted pricing on the AM Radio Log, Antenna Pattern Book and all other National Radio Club publications. The National Radio Club has placed all but the most current archived DX News files, as well as the archived DX Audio Service tapes at our website: www.nationalradioclub.org. Subscribers who wish back issues that are not at www.nationalradioclub.org may request the previous years as a .zip file for their use.

If you are a current NRC member and subscribe to DX News, you may add a subscription to e-DXN for an additional $5.00 per year. If you are not a current subscriber to DXN, a one year subscription to e-DXN is $15. You may subscribe using PayPal or check/money order by using the “Obtaining a Subscription” link above.

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