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Welcome to the National Radio Club's e-DXN online site. e-DXN includes useful information for BCB DX'ers, some of which, like “Broadcast Tests” and “UnID Station Help”, are maintained as a service to the DX’ing community. Other forums are restricted to paid subscribers, who are able to post messages in 31 different forums on this site. Those who accept the Terms of Use and register to become e-DXN subscribers will be able to post to any forums and will be accorded full rights and privileges as National Radio Club members.

If you are a current NRC member and subscribe to DX News, you may add a subscription to e-DXN for an additional $5.00 per year. If you are not a current subscriber to DXN, a one year subscription to e-DXN is $15. You may subscribe using PayPal or check/money order by accepting the Terms of Use (see link above) and using the “Obtaining a Subscription” link above.

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(1)   Send payment. Full subscription information is provided after you agree to the Terms of Use.

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Feel free to browse the site before you join. If you are interested in AM broadcast band radio, you’ll find a wealth of useful information posted here by NRC members, some who have been active in our club for over 50 years or who are veterans of the broadcasting industry. We hope you’ll like what you see and join us soon.

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